If Something Doesn’t Change I’ll Have To Close My Doors…

That’s what some of the small business owners we’ve spoken to lately have been telling us… and we couldn’t agree with them more. Something does have to change.

Who are we and why should you care…?

We’re a group of small business owners, like you, who have a passion for marketing both offline and online. We’ve taken companies that have done OK and helped them do Great. We’ve taken companies on the brink of going out of business and helped breathe new life into their sales and turned things around. With over 25 years of offline and online marketing experience, seeing the marketing trends go up and down, change and evolve, we have a firm grasp of what’s working Now.

I’m going to share some important information with you that could possibly put you out of business… if you don’t pay attention or explode your business to new heights if you do.

First, let me tell you a quick story about two friends, in the same town, who owned similar businesses and were competing for the same customers. Both believed there were enough customers in town to support both of their businesses… and for a time there was.

They used very similar marketing methods like newspaper ads, value type magazines and such. It appeared for some time the town was plenty big enough for the both of them. For years their businesses thrived.

Then it seemed, all at once, EVERYTHING CHANGED.

Suddenly there was a new business in the same niche, fighting for a piece of the same customer pool. Then there was four and then five. Suddenly, things changed…and not for the better. Now the same marketing media was diluted and competition was high. They were getting lost in the mix. So, one of the business owners did something different, he stepped out of the box and separated himself from the pack and eliminated the competition.

What He Did Made The Difference

Have you ever wondered, like we have, what makes such a dramatic difference in someone’s business? No matter what happens, they always seem to land in the greener grass. It isn’t that they’re smarter or more talented or more dedicated. It can’t be that they just “want success” more than you.

The difference, in most cases, lies in their willingness to step out of the box and make the most of the marketing techniques that are working today…and their competition doesn’t know about.

And this is why 904local is here, for you and people like you. This is the whole purpose of 904local: To give business owners the knowledge and provide up-to-date marketing methods that work and your completion isn’t using… and can’t use.

You see, times have changed and creative minds have prevailed. Over the last couple years affiliates of 904local have been testing and using some ground breaking marketing techniques in other major cities around the country, like Seattle and New York, that allow different types businesses,  who target the same customer base, to market together but not compete with businesses in the same niche. Much like a roofer and landscaper both target home owners but don’t compete with each other.

Each time this marketing method was deployed there was typically a near 20% response. Did you get that? That’s customers walking right through their front door ready to buy with money in hand. Absolutely Amazing!

When the day comes that you want to step out of the box, work with 904local and see those types of result with our marketing methods, I promise you won’t have any competition in your area either.  Say goodbye to getting lost in the mix with all that conventional media and hello to new opportunities to reach more customers and having a bigger impact in your target market.

Right now we’re gearing up for our next launch here in Jacksonville. It’ll combine everything you want in a marketing campaign…targeted distribution, awesome visibility and no competing businesses in your niche.

Imagine what you could do with nearly a 20% increase in business every time you turned on your marketing machine. What would an extra 25, 50 or even 100+ more customers mean to you, your employees and your business each month? What would you do with the extra income and time that kind of increase in business could provide?

It doesn’t matter if you have a pizza shop, a plumbing company, perform plastic surgery or have a gift shop. This is an unstoppable beast that your competition won’t be able to handle.

Now walk with me out to your home mailbox to check your mail and as you open the door there something that stands out like nothing you’ve ever seen. It’s BIG, Bold and Easy to view. It’s a Giant Billboard Post Card… the Biggest allowed by the USPS. Now imagine only seeing a handful of businesses on each side, all different businesses. No doubled up competitors. Just great offers, from great businesses who All Stand Out. Now imagine one of those companies was yours…

Our method is somewhat simple but HIGHLY EFFECTIVE! After our team of demographic experts identifies the highly motivated, targeted potential customers in each area they are segmented into groups of 10,000, laser targeted customer households. We then begin interviewing potential businesses to fill the card. There are no more than 7 businesses on each side of this Gigantic, 9×12 postcard. And due to our interview process there’s never any competing niches.

If you feel, like we do, that creative marketing and no competition could change things for your business then take a few minutes to fill out the form to the right with your information and we’ll begin the interview process right away. You can also give us a call.

About those two business men I mentioned before: They started out in the same business and followed the same marketing models. When the competition came in and the pond got smaller, what made the difference? Practical, Targeted Marketing and Taking Out-Of-The-Box Action

It’s An Investment In Your Business

I can’t promise you a 20% response if you market with 904local. But I can guarantee that you could find yourself on the outside looking in and watching your competition take more of your pool of customers if you keep doing what you’re doing now. In a lot of cases business say they can’t afford to market for customers… we say you can afford not to.

So take a few minutes to fill out the form to the right with your information and we’ll begin the interview process right away or you can give us a call at (904) 647-2911.